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Six unique products from award-winning estate agency trainer Richard Rawlings that every progressive estate agent should be using.

Expect results!

"Trust me .  .  .  I'm an estate agency trainer!"


My work -  your business

Six unique products for your agency. . .

Estate Agency Training  


Bespoke and intensive one- or two-day seminars, helping progressive estate agents become persuasive, professional and profitable.


Looking to supercharge your career/business? This is dynamite!

Be challenged: Expect RESULTS

Marketing Content Packs


Say something MEANINGFUL!


An extensive series of engaging and exclusive articles for your website, blogs, social media newsletters, etc.

No average content

100 Template Letters

A comprehensive collection of effective and perfectly written agency letters/email templates, including procedural and persuasive prospecting letters.

Everything you need your agency to say - well-articulated for you in one jumbo pack! 

Precisely the right words

Client Persuasion Videos


Conversion ratio below 65% ?


Struggling to persuade sellers to quote the right price?


Need to explain your USPs succinctly and effectively?

Let Richard present for you

Monthly Market Comments and Videos


Well-researched and upbeat monthly market report videos, presented by Richard Rawlings on your behalf.

Realistic but positive expert advice videos for your website and social media. 

Your "in-house" expert 

Instant Seminars


1.  Raising Fees Instantly

2. Persuasive Pitching

3. The Buyer Representation Opportunity

In response to demand, each of these 2.5h seminars is available individually, right now!

Today's killer topics


Supercharge your estate agency.

My job is to help you harness your expertise, articulate your advice, and communicate your agency’s key messages - powerfully!.

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