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Instant Booster Seminar # 2

"Persuasive Pitching"

  • Conversion ratio below 65%?

  • Other agents overpricing to get the instruction?

  • Losing business on valuation?

  • Struggling to convince stubborn sellers on asking price?

  • Unsure how to professionally "close" the client so they instruct you?


…then maybe you haven’t been trained in the latest techniques in

the psychology of persuasion and the science of price pitching. 

Good news – neither have most of your competitors! 

You should never lose an instruction on price! Let Richard show you how.

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Delivered by the best in the business, this 2.5h hour seminar (3.5h when delivered in-person) shows residential estate agency listers and managers exactly how to persuade sellers to list with you from day one - even in the face of over-valuing, undercutting, competitors. 


 Full support material, including visuals and client dialogues, is included.

This is NOT compliance training.

It's about SUCCESS.

Every listing counts


What  you will learn . . .  

  • How to prepare for the marketing proposal meeting

  • What to do and say before, during and after your pitch

  • Understanding the seller’s (flawed) position

  • Making sense of different price opinions

  • Reversing the client relationship so you're in charge

  • How to make a seller think like a buyer

  • How to demonstrate the science of comparative analysis

  • How never to lose an instruction on price

  • The time-value of property

  • Using the power of assertive prediction

  • Using alternative pricing models as a selling tool

  • Re-engineering sole agency traditions

  • Charming but effective closing techniques


Suitable for progressive Managers/Listers 

Be challenged and supported, but most of all – empowered to charge the fee you deserve!

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a rawlings product

Order your Persuasive Pitching Instant Seminar today - and bank the results tomorrow!

Prices shown above are for recorded seminars purchased via this site.

Please enquire about live versions delivered via Zoom or face-to-face. 

Each course includes up to 15 people.

33% discount on the recorded version for agencies that have previously purchased a live session. 

Not convinced? Check out loads of testimonials from happy, profitable estate agents here. 



1. Pricing is per branch and covers up to 15 designated log-ins.

2. Shortly after your purchase, we’ll ask you for the name and email address of each of your designated users so we can send them their respective log-in codes.

3. All copyright to the videos, content and graphics contained therein belongs to us and must not be shared with anyone other than those named individuals to whom we have supplied log-in details. If our in-built tracking discovers that log-ins have been used by more people than the number purchased then you agree to pay us an amount representing the number that should have been purchased. For example, if you have purchased a pack entitling ten users to log in and we discover that eleven have accessed the system, then an additional licence must be purchased, even though you may only require one of the ten places covered by the additional licence.

4. As all the material will be made available to you from the outset, no refunds will  be given even if you claim not to have used the system.

5. The material is hosted on an independent learning platform and no liability will be accepted for any damage caused by your use of that system.

6. No liability is accepted, and you indemnify us against, any damage caused, of whatever nature, by your use of our material. We offer no warranties or assurances as to its legality or effectiveness, and it is up to you to satisfy yourself as to its suitability for purpose before using the methods shared.

7. This service is provided by Rawlings Products  Ltd.   

Anything else, agent?

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