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Client Persuasion Videos

Ever wish you could tell the client what they really need to hear?

Well here's a powerful suite of short, sharp, challenging videos from multi award-winning estate agency trainer Richard Rawlings.

Let Richard pitch/present for you.

Quick Overview


The right approach

Professionally recorded expert advice that’s just what you need for those difficult client conversations before, during and after your listing pitch.

  • Ever need to persuade a seller on price, timing or fees?

  • Or an overdue price reduction?

  • Or why they should use your agency over a competitor?


This suite of persuasive 2-5 minute consumer education videos, selected specifically for your agency, does the job for you. And always with a call to action – in your favour!

If your conversion ratio of saleable stock is less than 85% then this is for you!  

Branded or Unbranded available

Do you need to teach your sellers?


Why they should quote your suggested asking price from the outset?


Which competitors' claims they should question?


The science behind the importance of selling quickly?


How they can prepare for a faster sale - both visually and legally?


Why some of your USPs are especially important to them?


Why they should consider repositioning their property in the market? 

What videos do you get?

You won't need all of these - just those which relate to your estate agency - we'll work with you to record/select the most appropriate following your purchase:

  • Who Decides on Value

  • Asking Price Influences

  • How to Position your Price

  • Fresh is Best

  • Sell Fast, Sell High 

  • Using the Buyer Enquiry Range

  • Price Repositioning

  • Why Pricing for an Low Offer Doesn't Work

  • The Value of Improvements

  • Five Traps to Avoid When Selling

  • The Instant Sale - why it's not undervalued!

  • Ask These Questions when Selecting an Estate Agent

  • Why you Need ALL/SELECTED Portals

  • The Importance of Accompanied Viewings

  • Getting Ready to Sell Your Property

  • Not Sold Yet?

  • Should I sell in November/December?

  • Should I withdraw my property for the summer holidays?

  • Why Sole Agency is best

  • Why Internet-only agency doesn't stack up

  • How to Avoid your sale Falling Through

  • Why sole agency (long and short agency periods supported)

  • Why you should use an Independent estate agency

  • When to Accept/Decline an offer

  • Why low-cost agency usually a false economy

  • A Better Agent uses Better Photos

  • Chicken or Egg - Buy first or Sell?

Branded or Unbranded available

Two versions of each are available:

Unbranded, or we can design bespoke branded videos that feature your colour scheme and logo for added impact and “ownership” (see sample video extract above). 


The videos are fully downloadable/embeddable/streamable and can be used on your website, blogs and social media, or emailed to that client who needs to hear some straight-talking good advice - before it's too late!

a rawlings product

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