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Monthly Market comments 

Let Rawlings write and/or present your monthly market comment.

Researched - written - checked - recorded - edited

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Meaningful expert commentary 

Issued during the first week of every month, using the latest economic, political and housing data, each Market Comment is designed to educate, inform and prompt action from would-be homes-sellers, with topical calls to action.

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a rawlings product

These are NOT Market reports! 

Market reports are boring! Who cares if the market in your area went up or down by 0.3% last month!


Although the latest market stats always feature, it is the expert commentary on the wider picture that counts. Observations and predictions about how current affairs and events are likely to affect the market are far more interesting to the average homeowner - and they make you look good too! 


Always upbeat yet realistic, you can be assured that Richard’s Market Comment Articles/Scripts/Videos say exactly what you need your public to hear.

 Every month you receive a meaningful market comment from Richard,
in three formats:


  1. An article you can post to your website, blogs, newsletters, etc

  2. A script, giving you the words to say, so you can record your own video

  3. A three-minute video presented by Richard on your behalf
    (branded option also available)

Your in-house expert

Concise,  Engaging,


You get
the credit

Sample market comment video and article/script

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a rawlings product

Order your

Monthly Market Comment  today

Order today and you'll receive the latest monthly market comment straight away. Each purchase covers up to three branches.

a rawlings product

OR why not upgrade to your own branded video version?

  • Do you provide LETTINGS articles targeting landlords?
    Absolutely. There are hundreds of LETTINGS articles available with a specific focus on educating and influencing landlords. This is especially important due to the amount of legislative changes of which your landlord prospects should be aware. The price of a Lettings pack is the same as the sales pack - please specify which you'd prefer at time of ordering. If you'd like to purchase a lettings pack as well as a sales pack, then the second pack costs just one third of your first pack price, when purchased at the same time.
  • What HAPPENS when I place my order?
    As soon as you have placed your order, we’ll confirm that your requested location is available exclusively for you and invite you to complete THIS FORM, which requests the precise components and style of your agency that you’d like to promote, so we can supply you with the most relevant content for your business. On receipt of this Richard will call you to discuss any specific content requirements. If your area is no longer available for exclusive licence then your payment will not be processed we won't be able to help you on this occasion.
  • How do I know WHEN to publish/post the material?
    About ten days after we receive your order, Richard will send you an email with his recommended distribution schedule. This will clearly show which article/blog should be posted during calendar week 1,2,3 etc. Although you are free to post whicever article you wish at any time, some of the articles are seasonally adjusted so best to stick to the planner if you can. It would be embarassing to post "Should I withdraw my house for the summer holidays" scheduled for week 26 (June) in October!
  • How LONG does my scheduled programme last?
    During your selected licence period (eg 6/12/24m), we grant you the exclusive right to publish any material supplied. This can be on your website, digital newsletters, social media, etc as well as within the general area of your stated location, hard copy flyers, mailers, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, window display cards etc. Our copyright is assigned to you for the duration of your selected licence period only and is automatically revoked at the end of this time, plus six weeks. You will also be given first right of refusal to renew thereafter, when you will receive a batch of fresh material. If you choose to renew (as most of our clients do) then you may continue to use your original material during the renewed term as well if you wish.
  • Is the material you supply EXCLUSIVE to my agency?
    Yes, on a location by location basis. Your compilation of articles is exclusive to you - nobody else anywhere has the same pack as you. This is because the packs are compiled taking into account the specific attributes, style and key messages of your agency. During your licensed period, no other agency in your area will be licensed to use any of the material supplied to you.
  • How EDITABLE are the articles?
    All material supplied is completely editable. It is selected and written to reflect your own unique agency style and approach, eg aggressive or relaxed, traditional or contemporary, country or city, equestrian or seaside, etc. However, you must check each one before publication a) to ensure the topic is 100% right for you at that time (it shoudl be), and b) to ensure that any variables are completed, as some articles have spaces to encourage you to add a personal or local element. They are supplied as word documents, accessed via a link in a dedicated shared folder, from which they should be downloaded before editing.
  • Won't some of my articles be OUT OF DATE if they are supplied 12 or 24m in advance?
    Good question - but you can sleep easy on this point. Many articles are not time-sensitive, such as "How to Tell your Children You're Moving". Others, such as a budget comment or SDLT advice need to be right up to the minute. Your articles are sent to you via a series of links within your distribution planner. Each of these links to the master document which I am able to update before your publication date.I know which articles are time-sensitive and these are continually reviewed, so you know you always have the most up-to-the-minute topics available.
  • Do the articles come with IMAGES?
    Every article comes with a suggested image, in 1:1 Instagrammable ratio with the subject header embedded in it for added clickbait appeal.
  • Can I expect additional material in response to TOPICAL events?
    Absolutely! From time to time current affairs such as a budget, legislation change, major sporting event, extreme weather, etc come along that are newsworthy from an agent's perspective. I always send my clients ad hoc material, often on the day it happens, so you can always expect to be seen as the current expert - whatever the news. And usually with a positive spin too!
  • Is the material suitable for agents in SCOTLAND, or elsewhere?"
    The articles Richard supplies are fully in line with the nuances and legal/procedural differences in Scotland, and your material will be written accordingly. We also supply marketing content for estate agencies in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, the Channel Isles, Isle of Man and South Africa.
  • Can I take the CREDIT as the writer myself?
    Absolutely! I am effectively your ghost writer, helping you to communicate your existing expertise. And as they are exclusive to you locally, you can put your name to them - and ideally your photo too. But do also take the opportunity to give some credit to your colleagues too - especially your listers. Let them build a name as the expert themselves as this really impresses prospective vendors on a listing...."Here's a blog I wrote about that very subject, Mrs Seller!"
  • Will I have right of FIRST REFUSAL for renewal?
    Absolutely! We look after our clients, most of whom go on to renew year after year. We'll remind you in the weeks leading up to the end of your scheduled programme and you'll need to renew promptly in order to maintain the momentum and for continued exclusivity for your area.
  • Will my pack include monthly MARKET reports?
    Monthly market comments, in hard copy, script and video format are now offered as part of our MARKET COMMENT VIDEO service, which many of our clients purchase as an optional but engaging addition, which brings hot-off-the-press topical commentary to their website and social media posts. There is up to 100% discount when purchased at the same time as a Marketing Content Pack. You can find further details and see some examples HERE.


1) The service may be cancelled at any time by either party although no refunds will be given in respect of any unused videos or subscription time remaining.  

2) Although you will be sent a renewal reminder towards the end of your subscribing year, it remains your responsibility to renew your subscription annually if you so wish. If you do not do so within 7 days of the anniversary of your subscription then the right to use the videos is automatically revoked. In such event all use of the videos on your website and elsewhere must cease within a further 7 days. 

3) Should you not remove the videos within 7 days of cancellation or non-renewal then you accept that you remain liable for a monthly charge calculated as one twelfth of the then-current annual charge for every month during which the videos remain in use by you, plus interest at 8%pa over the BofE base rate and any reasonable collection charges if this is not paid within 14 days of written request.  

Anything else, agent?

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