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Monthly Market comments 

Let Rawlings write and/or present your monthly market comment.

Researched - written - checked - recorded - edited

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Meaningful expert commentary 

Issued during the first week of every month, using the latest economic, political and housing data, each Market Comment is designed to educate, inform and prompt action from would-be homes-sellers, with topical calls to action.


a rawlings product

These are NOT Market reports! 

Market reports are boring! Who cares if the market in your area went up or down by 0.3% last month!


Although the latest market stats always feature, it is the expert commentary on the wider picture that counts. Observations and predictions about how current affairs and events are likely to affect the market are far more interesting to the average homeowner - and they make you look good too! 


Always upbeat yet realistic, you can be assured that Richard’s Market Comment Articles/Scripts/Videos say exactly what you need your public to hear.

 Every month you receive a meaningful market comment from Richard,
in three formats:


  1. An article you can post to your website, blogs, newsletters, etc

  2. A script, giving you the words to say, so you can record your own video

  3. A three-minute video presented by Richard on your behalf
    (branded option also available)

Your in-house expert

Concise,  Engaging,


You get
the credit

Sample market comment video and article/script

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a rawlings product

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a rawlings product