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Powerful Training for Progressive Estate Agents

Let Richard help you create real distinction in your agency through your people.  This is about leading change and harnessing specific agency techniques that deliver more profitable results, whilst developing character, confidence and skill in your staff.

This intensive estate agency training seminar, usually delivered over one or two days, is designed for adventurous estate agents (of all experience levels) who want to maximise every opportunity for immediate success. 


This award-winning no-holds-barred course fits all budgets as it is available either live in-person at your own venue,  via Zoom or as a studio recording. 

The 007 agent.

You'll be shaken, and possibly stirred, by this course which covers the most effective agency methods, proven techniques and radical ideas available in the industry.


Designed to educate, empower, and motivate managers, listers and negotiators, this seminar immediately delivers red-hot practical nuggets that you can put to immediate and profitable use. 

This is NOT compliance training.

It's about SUCCESS


This course is for you if . . . 

. . . you want to upscale your agent’s professionalism and commercial awareness, with superior inter-personal and persuasion skills. 


"I felt challenged and supported, but most of all – empowered!"

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Managers/Listers or Negotiators series.
 Topics include:

For Negotiators

  • 17 Techniques for persuasive conversations

  • 5 ways to reduce time to exchange 

  • Acting for Buyers - The Opportunity (with Dialogues)

  • Challenge versus Relationships

  • Dealing with Gazumping

  • First impressions 

  • Four Time Management ideas that work!

  • Habitual proactivity

  • Handling Objections - techniques and dialogues

  • Harnessing the power of reviews

  • How to Handle Angry people

  • How to interpret House Price Reports

  • Interpreting viewing feedback

  • Negotiation attitudes

  • New twist on today's buyers/tomorrow's sellers

  • Practical Negotiation Techniques

  • Registering well-qualified buyers

  • Skilful showing techniques

  • Submitting offers

  • Ten laws of professional attractiveness

  • The Influence of Leadership

  • The Psychology of Buying

  • The Unexpected Benefit of Open Houses

  • To Haggle or not to Haggle

  • Top Tips for Top Negotiators

  • Working with buyers - closing

  • Working with buyers - prompting viewings

  • Your role in promoting your brand

  • Why Challenge trumps Relationships!

For Listers/Managers

  • 80 Fee-raising dialogues

  • Buyer Enquiry Range pricing

  • Dealing with overpriced property 

  • Direct Vendor Prospecting

  • Finding Your Points of Remarkability

  • First in or Last?

  • Profitable Time Management tips

  • Harnessing Sole v Multiple Agency.

  • Harnessing the power of reviews

  • How to conduct a Marketing Review

  • Competing with low value agencies

  • How to harnessing Automated Valuations

  • Key prospecting techniques

  • Perfect property photography

  • Persuasive pitching 

  • Asking price options

  • Critical Prompts and Closes

  • Off market property

  • Ten laws of professional attractiveness

  • The Power of Appreciation marketing

  • The power of persuasive speech inc NLP

  • The Unexpected Benefit of Open Houses

  • New angles on property details

  • Understanding House Price Report differences

  • Speeding up Conveyancing 

  • The 21-point plan that guarantees conversion

  • Timing Prediction Technique

  • What to do before the Appraisal

  • Why Challenge trumps Relationships

  • Why and how you should be charging more

  • Why it's always a good time to sell.

    Topics are chosen to fit your market/agency style​​

Prior to delivery we'll ask you to complete an Agency Analysis Worksheet so that your training can be crafted around your needs and opportunities.


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