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Instant Booster Seminar # 3
"Buyer Representation"
an exciting new chapter in estate agency

You are probably missing out right now !
Did you know you could be doubling your current estate agency sales revenues by charging your competitors’ buyers?



  1. If you are like most estate agents, you probably fail to sell to about 95% of your registered buyers, because you can only offer them your own limited stock.

  2. By representing selected buyers and converting just 5% of these into fee-paying clients, you would effectively be doubling your current revenues.

  3. Agents who represent buyers as well as sellers in their existing estate agency business can legitimately access everything on the market
    -including other agents’ stock.


  4. Agents who represent buyers are well-placed to pick up additional instructions (in two unexpected ways).

  5. You already have most of the experience, skill and knowledge to harness this opportunity today!

  6. Buyer Agency is set to become a mainstream part of estate agents’ post-Covid offering.


What  you get from this half-day video seminar

  • ​Everything you need to integrate a buyer representation service into your existing estate agency. 

  • ​All the skills and approaches an agent needs, in order to offer the service immediately after the seminar. 

  • Dozens of conversational prompts, phone scripts, persuasive reasoning and responses to common queries and objections from buyers, sellers and competing agents.

  • A series of prospecting approaches, FAQs and suggested template letters/emails to buyers, sellers and agents.

  • Full documentation, contracts etc


Suitable for progressive Managers/Negotiators 

This seminar is NOT what you expect! 

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a rawlings product

Order your Buyer Representation Seminar today - and bank the results tomorrow!