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Does this photo drive you mad?!




When looking for the right royalty-free image to accompany the marketing content I write for estate agents, I’m repeatedly offered this couple. Do they look familiar?


They look nice enough, but I’ve become bored of their posed sincerely-hopeful faces. It's lazy over-use of “stock” photos by the media and agents alike. 

I’m therefore appealing to estate agents to rise to the challenge of creating some new images for our fabulous industry. I INVITE YOU to take some creative, interesting and relevant home-moving images to knock this couple off their perch. No holds barred – as long as the subject is clearly related to estate agency or moving home.


For example, it could be a branch celebrating a success, a family worried about their sale, a (competitor’s) overgrown for sale board, a happy client thanking you, or even simply a picture of yourself or a colleague doing estate agency stuff, on the phone etc..    


FIRST PRIZE: The agent who, in my sole and infallible opinion, submits the best shot will receive a 26-week supply of relevant and exclusive estate agency content material for your website/blogs/Social Media etc – PLUS SIX branded monthly market comment videos.


SECOND PRIZE:  A suite of Client Persuasion Videos to help you convert more appraisals 


THIRD PRIZE: My latest pack of 100 Estate Agency Letter Templates (standard letters, prospecting, canvassing etc).


Competition extended until 31st December 2021
Winners announced on 11th January,
when the winning submissions will be released for publication. 

Simply post your original images using the box below (The less overt the branding, the greater the chance of publication). TERMS: Max five images per submission. Max 10MB per image. Images must be decent. By submitting images you agree that they are your own work and that you release all copyright so they can be used freely, edited or otherwise, in the media/elsewhere. 


Get snapping and good luck! 


FTBs? This couple must be about ready to downsize by now!

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